Citizen Eco-Drive

Ποτέ Αλλαγή μπαταρίας.

Φανταστείτε … Ένα ρολόι που δεν χρειάζεται ποτέ αλλαγή μπαταρίας.

Η τεχνολογία της Citizen Eco-Drive  μετατρέπει φυσικές και τεχνητές πηγές φωτός σε ενέργεια.

Θα επαναφορτίζεται συνεχώς σε οποιοδήποτε είδος  φωτός για να τρέξει για πάντα.

Τα Eco-Drive ρολόγια είναι «Unstoppable».

Τα φυσικό η τεχνητό φώς απορροφάται διαμέσου του επιλογέα.

Ενα  ειδικό ηλιακό κύτταρο μετατρέπει το φως σε ενέργεια.

Αρκετή ενέργεια αποθηκεύεται για να τροφοδοτήσει το ρολόι, ακόμα και στο σκοτάδι, από 135 ημέρες έως 7 έτη ανάλογα με το μοντέλο.

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Eco Friendly Movement, Powered by Light

In concordance to such position is also the company’s breakthrough and success in constructing the cutting-edge Ecological Friendly timepieces, which they achieved with their Citizen Eco-Drive collection. Watches that are part of this collection are powered by both, natural and artificial sort of light. The Timepieces from Eco-Drive line of products by Citizen Watches therefore do not require batteries and are constantly fueled by light. All the models from this series are constructed in Japan, though some are assembled in China.

The Skyhawk A-T series represent yet another technological advance that Citizen Watches applied. These timepieces are able to synchronize with the extremely accurate atomic watches, situated in North America, Japan and Europe.

Citizen Blue Angels WatchThe Deployment Clasp with a Push Button (otherwise known as the DCP clasp) is also one of the features that are very common for the Citizen watches. DCP clasp is used with leather straps as well.

Citizen Watch Company is also well-known by its timepieces for the collectors. One of those series is a line of products made especially in colors and with the logo of the famous Blue Angels, the oldest flying aerobatic team in the world. These products are from the Citizen Skyhawk A-T series and they include both, Eco-Drive and Atomic Timekeeping, and the bezel with a slide rule which can be used to calculate time, speed, distance and the other needed conversions.

Official Timekeeper of the US Open

To underline its potency and the leading position on the market, Citizen Watch Company is a proud sponsor of many major sport competitions, such as a tennis tournament, the US Open and the World Figure Skating Championship. Also, several famous athletes are the ambassadors of this Japanese brand.

Citizen watches are preferred by a female golfer, Paula Creamer (also known by her nickname, Pink Panther), an NFL quarterback for the New York Giants, Eli Manning, a NASCAR driver, Matt Kenseth, a Toronto Maple Leafs captain, a hockey player, Dion Phaneuf, and a cricketer, Kevin Pietersen.

Citizen Eco Drive Watch Eli ManningCitizen Watch Company is renowned for its cutting-edge products for both men and women. The major series of Citizen watches are Stiletto, World Perpetual A-T, Chrono-Time A-T, Calibre 8700, Calibre 2100, Paladion, Riva, Serano, Normandie, Corso, Lucca, Elektra, Perpetual Calendar, Silhouette, Bangle, Eco-Drive, Titanium, Largo, WR 100, Depth Meter, Promaster, Diver, 20th Anniversary Aqualand, Skyhawk, Nighthawk and Military.  

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